It’s summer and I’m on sabbatical leave this year and so I have no excuse for not re-starting posts and articles on Photaku. Except that I do have excuses. I’ve become a Collodion Bastard (the Head Bastard!) and the unforeseen foreign sales agent for Indian cameras (mostly Vageeswaris) and mostly British lenses from India. And that’s on top of doing photo stuff, whether that means shooting or building silver bath tanks or restoring cameras or developing film (which I’m waaaaay behind on). There’s been a lull in the pimping of Indian cameras and lenses, but being the founder and administrator of Collodion Bastards: Wet Plate Work of Questionable Parentage takes up a lot of time. I kind of have to be on top of things and interact with the group. It’s totally fun and I’ve met a ton of interesting people (and a few complete jerks) and have learned a lot from them. The group has taken off well — over 600 members in 6 months and it becomes quite lively at times. So many good tips and info about doing wet plate collodion has been offered by members that I’m planning a separate web site to gather and archive it in one convenient spot. Of course, in the mix of all this I’m trying to get back into research and writing and the two tenure and promotion files I’ve been asked to be an external reviewer for. I get promoted to full professor and immediately I get hit with multiple requests….
In any case, I like keeping busy so I’ll get back into regular posts and musings as I can, hopefully at least a couple times a week……


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