Today April 29 was WPPD 2012. WPPD is one holiday I truly look forward to. My dedication to pinholing on WPPD is demonstrated by the fact that I completely blew off grading student papers today and spent most of the day out with pinhole cameras or in processing the film. This year I shot six 8x10s with my older of two Kodak 2D View cameras , eight 4x5s with the Harman Titan Sara gave me for my 50th b-day, and a roll of 120 Fuji Acros in Stella the Lensless (the pincam I made from an iPhone 3G box). Twenty-six shots in all. I processed the large format and they look good. I’ll scan and post a couple tomorrow. I did familiar spots at Fort Negley with the 8×10, a couple 8×10 shots downtown, all of the 4×5 on touristy lower Broadway, and the medium format at spots along the way. Two mishaps: packaging paper was still stuck on one 8×10 film sheet and I shot through it (image did appear); and, being distracted by a security guard, I forgot to move the front standard to the edge of the rail and even to open out the bellows at all! The resultant  shot is super wide angle (and still covered 8×10!) with the front extension rail of the Kodak 2D sticking way into the shot. All in all, though, a nice slow-shooting day…

Ugh, now back to those students papers….


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