Sadly, after Kodak finally filed for bankruptcy protection a couple weeks ago, I sold 150 shares (devalued about 45%) and kept 100 as a kind of souvenir in the hopes that they might see a bankruptcy bounce. They bounced slightly but not enough and I got tired seeing the stock — trading as a “pink slip” off the stock exchange — mucking around 30 to 35 cents so after a full month (December 30 to January 30) I finally sold it all once it hit 35 cents. My total loss was about $70, but the loss to the history of photography in American is greater.

On the day Kodak filed I took my Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash out for a shoot. I’ve also decided finally to christen my 8×10 Kodak 2D view camera (the one I do pinhole photos with) “George” in honor of George Eastman….


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  1. Hi Gerald,

    Sad times indeed for Kodak and now along with a loss/sale of many of their patents too which in the event of a resurgence will cost them in the long run.
    In this weeks Amateur Photographer mag here in Uk there’s an article on the new Kodak CSC unveiled to possible buyers/retailers at a show. Not sure where. But apparently the response was lacklustre to say the least and not one retailer was interested in stocking the camera.

    Sad, sad times for a photographic, legend/giant.

    In memorium, please use ‘George’ to produce many beautiful images!


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