After two rounds of paper negatives test shots with the 8×10 PinCam (STILL needs a name), which revealed light leaks, I finally plugged all the bellows pinholes, added a light seal to the back, and filled in a crack in the corner of the rear standard. The result of round three: success! I did my first three light-leak-free 8×10 pinholes on Arista Grade #2 RC paper (processed in Formulary’s Liquidol Paper Developer).

The first was at 183mm focal length (about a 28mm equivalent for a 35mm camera, so it’s wide angle), 4-minute exposure with me shifting position at the half-way point:

8x10 Doppelgänger (paper negative pinhole)

The second was at 226mm (about a 35mm equivalent for a 35mm camera, so it’s semi-wide):

Rising from Wreckage  (8x10 paper negative pinhole)

Finally, the third of the set was at 371mm (about a 55mm equivalent for a 35mm camera, so it’s “normal”):

Bulldoze Me  (8x10 paper negative pinhole)

These all came out to my expectations, which means I now think the time and effort to convert this old view camera for Big Pinholes was worth it. Now to try some film with it….


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