An Explanation

(photo + otaku) is all about essays in photography. I chose the word “essay” and the preposition “in” (rather than “on” or “about”) for a specific reason. I’m taking the meaning of “essay” in both the common usage of a piece of non-fictional, opinion-driven writing and in its root meaning of “try or attempt” to signal content that will cover more formal articles (“essays”) on particular topics and less formal random “musings” as well as various experiments (= attempts at, tries to) I’ve conducted in photography. The former will appear less frequently, maybe once a month. The latter will be along the lines of blog posts with and without images as the case merits. Photaku is aimed more at addressing issues in the social, cultural, and technological aspects of photography rather than displaying photographic images unless they are to illustrate an “essay” (“an attempt”) or technical point. I provide links to online photo galleries — mine and others — for the display of images for images sake.

Feedback to my essays are encouraged.


Gerald Figal

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